Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Connecticut: Governor’s Commission Releases Onerous Anti-Gun Proposal

Today the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, established by Governor Dan Malloy (D) to develop “meaningful” proposals regarding public safety and mental health, released areport that offers their interim recommendations for legislative and policy changes.  Given the report released today, it is clear that the true goal of this commission is to impose onerous gun control regulations on law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut.

The section of the report entitled “Firearms and Ammunition” will do nothing to reduce crime, and will severely infringe upon the rights of all law-abiding citizens.  This proposal would be incredibly costly and time consuming for gun owners, discriminate against hunters and sportsmen, and severely infringe upon your inherent right to self-defense and your ability to protect your loved ones.

The misguided proposal suggests the following changes to Connecticut’s current gun laws:

·         Criminalize the private transfer of a firearm
·         Require registration of all firearms
·         Require more frequent permit renewals and burdensome training   requirements
·         Ban magazines with a capacity greater than ten rounds
·         Ban ammunition commonly used for hunting and self-defense
·         Prohibit the purchase of ammunition unless it is being purchased for a registered firearm
·         Prohibit online ammunition purchases
·         Impose restrictions on the amount of ammunition that may be purchased
·         Prohibit the sale, possession and transfer of all firearms capable of firing more than ten rounds without reloading, including handguns.This proposal could effectively ban the sale, transfer, and possession of most magazine fed semi-automatic handgun, rifles and shotguns made today.

None of these recommendations would have prevented the tragedy in Newtown where the firearms were legally purchased by their owner after passing a background check and subsequently stolen.  The perpetrator of this heinous crime carried those firearms concealed without a permit in violation of CT law, violated the federal "gun-free school zone" and committed multiple counts of murder of innocent children and adults. 
These proposals put forward by the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission will only serve to burden and disenfranchise law-abiding gun owners.  Moving forward, we encourage this commission, state legislators and Governor Malloy to focus on real solutions to the current problems we face in Connecticut, including school security and improving the broken mental health system.
Please call AND e-mail your state legislators and respectfully express your  
opposition to these recommendations by clicking here:

Also, please contact Governor Malloy and respectfully express your opposition to these radical gun control proposals.

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  1. This is going to erupt into a WAR between his police state forces and lawful gun owning citizens! How is having our citizens fighting police to preserve our CONSTITUTION going to make our children ANY safer??? We need to start taking any possible steps to get Malloy REMOVED from office IMMEDIATELY!!!!