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Sunday, September 1, 2013

War in Syria Means the Destruction of the United States!

Right now we sit on the precipice of utter destruction as a nation. If the US was to attack Syria, the other nations with nuclear capability could destroy the United States as we know it. Russia, China and Iran all have nuclear capabilities. Russia and China both have intercontinental ballistic missiles and tactical nuclear weapons of low yield to take out military installations in cities. Pres. Obama is also allowed 15,000 Russian troops to be stationed within the United States borders which could pose a problem to Americans just trying to commute back and forth to work. Pres. Obama by getting us involved in a war with Syria, not could but would have serious consequences for 330 million Americans living in the United States today. We already have two wars that still haven’t been won and have been going on for 10 years or more. Pres. Obama has so many foreign-policy failures in my perspective that he should never be able to run a country. Now let’s look into foreign-policy failures of Pres. Obama, Benghazi Libya, fast and furious, trying to bully Russia, Egypt, the promotion of a former terrorist group in the United States and abroad the Muslim brotherhood. I am very thankful that Congress is finally stepping up and doing their job by halting President Obama’s aggression in the Middle East and Africa.

Many people don’t realize that because of the drought last year and several bread basket areas of the world that we are going to have major food inflation starting sometime at the end of 2013 the beginning of 2014. Most people have realized that their prices have gone up because the prices stayed the same while the containers are getting smaller. People need to take a picture of the containers that a picture of one month and next month the volume will be less from the month before. As people such as the Obaminators, support this man no matter what he does even if it’s illegal, by illegal I mean unconstitutional. This man is about to get us into a war where many Americans will die. If you don’t think so look at the sizes of the militaries of those countries involved. Russia has a 20 million man army which includes their Navy and air forces also. China has a 200 man army and could easily invade the United States from Mexico, the western seaboard and Alaska. Military analysts say that they’ll have to transport ships in order do a land invasion or seaborne invasion of the United States. Pres. Obama initiated the sequestration in the first place, which also has reduced our ability to fight back if invaded. Obama set the terms for the sequestration and it was not the administration’s responsibility for, not with an annual budget but congresses. I have never heard of a President’s administration not having an annual budget. I think it was laziness on the part of the president not have an annual budget submitted to Congress by the deadlines. But he transferred the blame for the sequester onto Congress when he was the person who wanted to sequester first place to undermine our military and show us is a weak country to other nations.

I pose the question that President Obama always wanted to sequestered to happen so he can do exactly what is happening today. Our military is at its lowest readiness I am ever seen as far as going up against major countries like Russia and China. Wars with these two countries are ones that we cannot win. And if you think we can, you’re just lying to yourself and drinking the Kool-Aid that Obama is putting out and yes that Kool-Aid has poison in it. Jim Jones wishes he had the amount of followers that Obama has, Italy killed off have the country.

We do have one ship that has 300 Marines, and not a total of about 50,000 troops in the area around Syria. The Russians have 300,000 troops pouring in to Syria and Iran has an estimated hundred thousand troops going through Iraq to Syria. The Russians and the Chinese both had the same kind of technology that United States does, we have no technological advantage over these countries. Sending our troops in the Syria will be a suicide mission for those troops and for what so our president can spread Muslim extremists throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Our president is not only a fool but maybe the king of all fools.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Liz Dahlem Tweets: Evidence of Official Foreknowledge?

Alerted to these tweets by a poster an investigation was launched, with the following findings.
It is unknown what is the source of the timestamp of the tweets, whether EST or PST. For the benefit of the doubt, PST time is presumed, which means that an 8:00 a.m. tweet is really an 11:00 a.m. tweet.
Here, it can be seen that Ms. Dahlem is ready to go quite early in the morning, which really goes along with the tweets being registered at PST:
Here is when she first mentions the Sandy Hook issue:
Presuming this to be 10:09 EST this is still a significant issue. It means that Liz Dahlem knows about the shooting before anyone else locally: and she is not anywhere near the scene at the time. By this time State Police did not confirm any such shooting to any local news media. That word came to Dahlem from some other source; the State Police attribution being a ruse. Reporters for the Newtown Bee, on site at 11:30 EST, said that the State Police were not saying anything. Yet, the off-site Dahlem has such data a full hour-plus prior to those who are directly on site?
Some 40 minutes later she just arrives. Thus, she really did represent foreknowledge with these tweets; she had a greater degree of hard information (actually claims) than any of the on-site reporters (Newstimes and Newtown Bee).

Here, she reports the macabre, now proven to be false. Will she purge this tweet, since there is no basis for it?
She also tweeted the following picture. Note the DHS mole on the right screen with the government-issued tag:
Fake parents for the shoot: how much were they paid, and who are they?
It would appear that Dahlem played an essential role in this scam, as her tweets were spread wildly throughout the Internet,  one case some 1600 in a matter of a few hours.
Dahlem was also sure to tweet out this known fraud, the infamous Dawn Hochsprung October photo, where the children are merely participating in a drill organized by the DHS
Note, here, a person in the area, apparently, who had heard that the parents received an automated call, called "reverse 911 call."
One tweeter is "fighting back" her tears based upon an entirely fabricated scenario, that is based upon a picture that was not taken that day. Notice, too, someone that questions Dahlem about her timestamp. If it really is EST, that is a big issue. Yet, even if it is not, it still places her and the network as having insider information NOT YET RELEASED by the government officials on-site. Plus, even according to the police radio there was nothing but chaos as late as 10:05. Yet, Dahlem, with her crystal ball, has the confirmation of the shooting a mere 10 minutes or so after the 'shooting' had officially ended and surely before any police had fully evaluated the school.


While it is not shown, here, Dahlem in her later tweets showed a strong propensity for supporting gun control. Thus, she is a willing part of the scam for subversion of the 2nd Amendment.
What a waste it all is in time, manpower, human resources, taxpayer funds, and far more. Moreover, the waste is continuous. Despite the fact that the perpetrators have been caught in the act they still seek to commit great fraud, still pursuing gun control, restriction of freedoms, and far more.

Fake Adam Lanza School ID Confirmed

by drkresearch

Fake Adam Lanza School ID Confirmed

Who are these desperate corrupt ones who would do this? Do they not think that the world can realize their crimes? How do these hostile ones believe they can get away with perpetrating such a corruption, merely fabricating this photo in a computer lab?
There is nothing about this photo which is legitimate? Who did this, the Mossad? Are they such amateurs?
This is obviously not the real Adam Lanza. Did he develop whites all about his eyes just in the run-up before the 'massacre'? Is there even a single drug in this universe that can create such a bug-eyed appearance, not merely bug-eyed but actually causing the sclera to show all around the eyes? This is ludicrous and it is even more ludicrous that they believed they could get away with this.
Adam Lanza (young) photos

In all known pictures of Adam Lanza, his real face, there are no whites showing either above or below the eyes. Fright before a camera or even the flash of the camera could never cause this. Stop lying: no one believes you.
The sources for this fraud are largely the tabloid newspapers, like the New York Daily News and the Toronto Sun, although the ultimate source is the Rothschild cabal through its thieving, lying entity, Reuters.
The caption under the Toronto Sun's photo is as follows:
Newtown school gunman Adam Lanza is seen in an undated identification photo released by Western Connecticut State University. (REUTERS/Western Connecticut State University/Handout)
Here is another example, published by NBC:

New photo of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza released with college records

Western Connecticut State University
Undated student ID photo of Adam Lanza from Western Connecticut State University.
Note: it is hated to repeat lies, here; however, the purposeful and malicious nature of the Zionist-controlled media can be seen here by its unbridled willingness to tell categorical lies merely to maintain its plots.
By Tracy Connor, Staff Writer, NBC News
A new photo of Sandy Hook massacre gunman Adam Lanza has emerged: a college ID snapshot that shows him staring wide-eyed into the camera as though scared out of his wits.
The picture, one of just a few that have been made public since the Dec. 14 shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, was part of Lanza's records from Western Connecticut State University, where he took classes in 2008 and 2009.
There is nothing in the documents that would foreshadow the monstrous attack, just a few odd notes.
When he took a placement exam in May 2008, Lanza refused to answer some background questions — including his gender.
Asked whether he had a "documented disabling condition" that could impact his test scores, he said no — although his mother had told people he had Asperger's disease, which is low on the autism spectrum.
Lanza was just 16 at the time, but he scored high on the test — in the 90th percentile. The records also show he registered for a precalculus class, but it's unclear if he ever took it.
He did take three computer science courses, earning an A and an A-minus in two of them, and American history, where he received an A-minus.
Editor's note: They can claim all they want that this is a real photo, yet what about it is real? It has already been proven on this site that there is no way he could develop whites showing around his eyes out of nowhere, and even the so-called fright couldn't do this. Thus, this was fabricated and attributed by Reuters to the University.
The following is another write-up from the lying tabloids. Of note, the arch-scoundrel and fabricator Marvin LaFontaine must be vigorously investigated, since he is a key and new cover-up agent on the scene:
Nancy Lanza, the mother of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza, had grown increasingly concerned about her son's state of mind but did not confront him after finding ghastly images in his room two weeks before the Dec. 14 school massacre, New York's Daily News reports.
News reporters Matthew Lysiak and Bill Hutchinson report on e-mails they obtained that were sent by Nancy Lanza to a friend in which she expressed her feelings on children, weapons and her 20-year-old son's mental state.
Editor's note: then, produce the emails (they will not; they are liars).
Nancy Lanza, who was fatally shot at the home she shared with Adam, was the first victim of the rampage that left 20 children and six adults dead at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Adam then took his own life.
A friend, Marvin LaFontaine, told the News that Nancy Lanza had said that Adam had a genetic disorder that had killed her grandfather and which she also had until it went into remission.
Adam had a form of autism and a sensory perception disorder that kept him from recognizing pain and caused him to recoil from being physically touched.
The newspaper says Nancy Lanza learned of her own condition in 1999, but did not tell her children.
She also had found her son falling deeper into a bizarre mindset, the newspaper reports, and in November, only two weeks before the shootings, found sketches of dead bodies in his room (making it up as you go along, just like the photo).
"One (drawing) had a woman clutching a religious item, like rosary beads, and holding a child, and she was getting all shot up in the back with blood flying everywhere," anunidentified friend told the Daily News.
"Nancy was disturbed, really disturbed, but didn't confront him," the friend said. "She wanted to think it over."
LaFontaine, a close friend, also told the newspaper that Nancy Lanza had been upset by Adam's treatment while a student at Sandy Hook.
"Nancy told me he was being picked on at school. That they were just torturing him," LaFontaine told the newspaper. "Adam was an easy target. He was quiet and he would never fight back. I think Adam felt betrayed by the school and this was his act of revenge."