Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Liz Dahlem Tweets: Evidence of Official Foreknowledge?

Alerted to these tweets by a nodisinfo.com poster an investigation was launched, with the following findings.
It is unknown what is the source of the timestamp of the tweets, whether EST or PST. For the benefit of the doubt, PST time is presumed, which means that an 8:00 a.m. tweet is really an 11:00 a.m. tweet.
Here, it can be seen that Ms. Dahlem is ready to go quite early in the morning, which really goes along with the tweets being registered at PST:
Here is when she first mentions the Sandy Hook issue:
Presuming this to be 10:09 EST this is still a significant issue. It means that Liz Dahlem knows about the shooting before anyone else locally: and she is not anywhere near the scene at the time. By this time State Police did not confirm any such shooting to any local news media. That word came to Dahlem from some other source; the State Police attribution being a ruse. Reporters for the Newtown Bee, on site at 11:30 EST, said that the State Police were not saying anything. Yet, the off-site Dahlem has such data a full hour-plus prior to those who are directly on site?
Some 40 minutes later she just arrives. Thus, she really did represent foreknowledge with these tweets; she had a greater degree of hard information (actually claims) than any of the on-site reporters (Newstimes and Newtown Bee).

Here, she reports the macabre, now proven to be false. Will she purge this tweet, since there is no basis for it?
She also tweeted the following picture. Note the DHS mole on the right screen with the government-issued tag:
Fake parents for the shoot: how much were they paid, and who are they?
It would appear that Dahlem played an essential role in this scam, as her tweets were spread wildly throughout the Internet,  one case some 1600 in a matter of a few hours.
Dahlem was also sure to tweet out this known fraud, the infamous Dawn Hochsprung October photo, where the children are merely participating in a drill organized by the DHS
Note, here, a person in the area, apparently, who had heard that the parents received an automated call, called "reverse 911 call."
One tweeter is "fighting back" her tears based upon an entirely fabricated scenario, that is based upon a picture that was not taken that day. Notice, too, someone that questions Dahlem about her timestamp. If it really is EST, that is a big issue. Yet, even if it is not, it still places her and the network as having insider information NOT YET RELEASED by the government officials on-site. Plus, even according to the police radio there was nothing but chaos as late as 10:05. Yet, Dahlem, with her crystal ball, has the confirmation of the shooting a mere 10 minutes or so after the 'shooting' had officially ended and surely before any police had fully evaluated the school.


While it is not shown, here, Dahlem in her later tweets showed a strong propensity for supporting gun control. Thus, she is a willing part of the scam for subversion of the 2nd Amendment.
What a waste it all is in time, manpower, human resources, taxpayer funds, and far more. Moreover, the waste is continuous. Despite the fact that the perpetrators have been caught in the act they still seek to commit great fraud, still pursuing gun control, restriction of freedoms, and far more.

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