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Sandy Hook: Nobody Died, Part III

by drkresearch.

Sandy Hook: Nobody Died
A movie set instead of a real tragedy, the whole world is finding out that Sandy Hook was nothing less than a grand scam. Researchers all over the globe are investigating this and finding every conceivable degree of deceit and corruption, no thanks to their own governments. They are simply discovering and reporting it through their deliberate efforts, despite every effort by such governments to disguise or confound it. Credit for this post goes to all such researchers, including Scott Walker, Truth Soldier, Pat Jack, posters on and countless others.
Meanwhile, billions of people all over the world, including countless millions of Americans, fully believe that Sandy Hook really happened and that children and adults were massacred. They believe in their heroism, the lost potential of the children, the devastation of families, and their terminal loss. They believe it unquestionably down into the depths of their hearts.
They have no idea that it is all nothing but a miserable scam.
There was a roll controlled by the government of the full cast of characters. During a Gene Rosen interview one wise investigator noticed an electrified sign in the background, which speaks of itself, proving the scope of this fraud:
It means what it says. Only the pre-arranged actors, fraudsters, and other scoundrels are allowed access to the firehouse and other key staging facilities. Any outsiders, any real people, anyone with an unauthorized camera or cell phone, will be chased out, just like on 911.  That is Gene Rosen's blue coat and left shoulder just nearly off frame. While the other actors were performing their roles he was being interviewed by Fox News:
Regardless, the sign can be seen clearly in the background. So can the silver DHS/government car, "guarding" it. The sign is categorical proof that the entire event is a scam and hoax. No further proof is required other than this.
This also means that the purported parents are fraudsters, and there can be no exception to this. Since the massacre was a fake, that means that anyone claiming to be a parent of a murdered child is also a fake. In other words, such parents are telling lies.
Clearly, Gene Rosen lied about being a witness to the events surrounding a massacre. He was so confused in his lies that he told wide and varying stories, none of which were cohesive. All along, he was a government mole, just like the rest of the Sandy Hook hucksters, including the ever-present Nick and Laura Phelps (an alias for Richard Sexton and Jennifer Greenberg). Since it now has been proven that Rosen was merely telling fables--THE SIGN TELLS ALL--since it has been now show, thoroughly, that there was no shooting at the school, that means that anyone saying that their son, daughter, sister, grand-daughter, grand-son, niece, and more is spreading nothing but wicked lies. They can buck and scream about this revelation, they can attack and belittle those who reveal it, but they cannot deny it. They cannot refute the fact that no children died. Nor can they deny the fact that, all along, they were lying about those deaths.
Fraud through photos: drills, not massacres
Connecticut School ShootingFraud Alert: this photo was portrayed by the Zionist-orchestrated media as a real image from Sandy Hook, showing the actual events as they occurred: children in fright being evacuated from the massacre scene. It's all a filthy lie, as this was tweeted on October 17, 2012, by Dawn Hochsprung herself, timestamped, proven and undeniable.
Then, again Gene Rosen and his likes were essential components of the plot, since there in all likelihood weren't any children in the building at the time. The school was thus merely a prop, a staging zone for media and public consumption. Why else would they forced to provide only the following example of a line-up of children from what was not any event that day but, rather, a prior DHS drill? The woman in the front with the blue jacket is precisely a Homeland Security employee, as is the man in the far back. Note the canned look of fright on the face of the girl in turquoise. Yet, Fox News, CNN, and other Zionist perpetrators broadcast this as precisely from December 14. They are liars, and they know they are lying. Mr. Rosen should have stayed home with his cats. It would have been better for him and for the cats, too.
The crime scene (of obfuscation, corruption, lies, and deceit)
The helicopter footage, offered by the news agencies themselves, proves the fraud. No further evidence is needed. This is where the criminal act of creating fake deaths occurred. A heinous act, this faking of deaths led to much emotional upset in the population, along with the anticipated response, which was the provision of funds. In other words, the perpetrators created the basis for the extortion of funds from the trusting public.
The regions involved, here, are seen from a wide view:
Virtually all of the action occurred not at the school, on the far left, but instead at the firehouse, upper right. Moreover, there was plenty of activity there, but none of it dramatic. Rather, the activity was completely staged. n fact, the entire region was crawling with DHS agents, as documented by local observers and numerous media sources. For instance, David Owens, Hartford Courant, stated, categorically, that the entire operation was organized by one source alone: the Obama White House (Washington, D.C.), along with the Justice Department. All these various operatives were fully paid for their role was actors and support staff.
Nothing exceptional was happening here, certainly nothing that would be worth of international news. That's why it was necessary to create the news, artificially. Regardless of what the parents and the Zionist orchestrated news media proclaims this is a fake of unprecedented portions. They don't want this information out. Thus, these criminals are fighting as hard as possible to prevent the revelation of their high crimes.
Regardless, this is clearly not the scene of a massacre but, rather, is instead merely the set of a preordained drill.
There are some fifty government operatives seen in this frame alone. Since it is a fake no one has any real direction or motivation, except a few key operatives who are at the higher level and who have key predetermined roles, like Gene Rosen, Krista Rekos, Lynn and Chris McDonnell, Carlee Soto, Nick Phelps (aka Richard Sexton), Donna Soto, Carlos Soto, and dozens of others, who have been caught in the act fraudulently acting out grief. By doing so they are committing a great fraud against the people of the land, committing what amounts to be gross false witness against the people and almighty God Himself. They are criminals and thieves, every one of them, including all the so-called parents, let there be no doubt about it. The amount of money needed to pay such operatives and to stage this incredibly complicated event must be staggering.
Here is a rectangular view, above, showing the ebb and flow of the various operatives, actors, agents, and coordinators going in and out of the main door, right of screen. There are dozens of individuals in this scene, most of whom are paid through taxpayer funds for their fraudulent role.
Fraud alert: Let the world know, this is NOT a massacre scene. It's a hoax perpetrated by criminal element of the Obama White House, the Justice Department, along with countless known and unknown Zionist moles.
The roof of the firehouse is now shown, with the accumulation of agents and operatives in view: another example of the relaxed, non-emergency attitude, dozens of people with hands in pockets, milling, loitering, all on the government payroll. Is there not one honest person in Sandy Hook/Newtown who will speak up against this? Won't even one honest, brave person confirm what is already known, which is the fact that every person claiming to be a victim of this massacre or a victim's relative is a fraudster and phony:
In this image two government agents in white sweat shirts are seen entering the side door to the firehouse. For those who have any doubt that this is a taxpayer-paid operation by the federal thieves, keep in mind that Gene Rosen is loitering among them, just down the side to the left of the screen.
DHS stooge ushering people in through the other door: a complete hoax paid for by the common people.
Here four different DHS moles can be seen on cell phone fact, such intercommunication were a key component of the plot. Apparently, all the acting took a considerable amount of fabrication and disguising. Infested with spies and moles their role was to make sure the nature of the hoax was not compromised by innocent players, who might stumble upon the scene and realize what was really going on. Thus, all people in these frames are government operatives or compliant agents of the news media.
It's a fake of unfathomable proportions requiring all levels of agents, including relatively high level operatives. Like this fraudster just exiting the firehouse door, a higher level coordinator, who exits the building in a dark suit:
He comes out of the command central (no photographers in there allowed, as was seen in a previous post here, where the reporter was chased out). He has his marching orders, grabs his suit and casts it over his shoulder; now he struggles to get it through his sleeves, as above.
Finally, he gets it under control and moves forward to his destination. A cohort, who exited just prior to him, can be seen with the blue shirt managing his cell phone:
He has arrived, moving in for disseminatnig the final instructions:
Look how he is dressed. Those are some smart duds: obviously a high-level operative.
Rosen the liar confirmed
Many people, including this author, analyzed the various stories and confabulations issued by Gene Rosen. There is no need to do so any longer. Rosen himself has categorically proven his fraud. Here he is, rehearsing his lines, on that infamous staging point at the corner of the firehouse, and there is no doubt about it. During the video it can be heard that the producer issues to him his main word, which is to use the term "terrifying." So what does he do in this interview?
It is transcribed, as follows:
Rosen: The kids were (producer interjects "terrified", when Rosen continues) terrified. They were terrified. They had just witnessed something, and they, they were terrified.
Well done, Mr. Rosen, those lines were spit out, just as ordered. Yet, all that repetition: all that acting, it precedes you.
He was trying to hard. Here is Mr. Rosen wandering about, to and fro, next to the firehouse, same two men, as above, in view, attempting to memorize his lines. Even with that effort he still faltered and required assistance from the news director:
GenerosenloiteringWandering, roaming, doing his characteristic rubbing and holding of his head:
The answer is, "Yes.' See this scam artist walking to-and-fro trying to get his lies in order. It's him in full rehearsal. It would seem that the perpetration of gun control is something Rosen takes highly seriously. He knows what he is doing. Like the other Sandy Hook moles, including the so-called parents, he wants rid of the guns at any cost, all to please his Zionist masters. No matter, all this proof comes from the great hucksters themselves, the filming crews of the lying, thieving media, along with its various fraudulent producers and co-producers, who can often be overheard instructing such hucksters in their acting role, in many cases to make it as dramatic--and shocking--as possible.
Drill #2: fake wounded
Just a few yards away there was additional staging being perpetrated, again, by the same vile DHS employees. Remember, these are the same wicked ones who brutalize people in airports. Nothing but corruption can be expected from them. This was the staging facility for the purported "sole survivor," who was being prepped for the gurney/ambulance scene. This is early in the stage, about 10:45 a.m. or so. The gurney skit occurred around 11:30 a.m. or thereabouts. So, what was being done during this preparatory time?
It started earlier than this, with the same man in red loitering about; the chairs were all empty at that time:
Shortly thereafter, the sole 'wounded" (not wounded, just an actress) was brought in for staging purposes.
Homeland Security then approaches her to help complete the process. The DHS individual is digging in her pocket. What is she digging for?
It is most likely a consent form, indemnifying federal agents and, actually, the government in case anything unexpected happens or could simply be her instuction sheet. Whatever it is it is staged:
And, yes, it takes numerous FEMA/DHS hucksters to handle a single fake wounded woman.
A close up view is revealing, showing that it is the same sandy-blonde woman with a kind of flat head and face, as was seen being transported on the gurney. Fake wounded means that the dead were fake as well:
It's the same, exact person, no doubt about it, notoriously known as Natalie Hammond. However, it is NOT Hammond; rather, it is a paid operative. The corruption thus involved here encompassed every conceivable level of the infrastructure, even paramedics and firemen:
Again, same flat face, same flat head, same sandy-blond hair.
This is precisely the woman who was transported in the ambulance for public consumption as a purportedly wounded staffer.
Child abuse?
There was also this evidence procured from the helicopter. What are they doing this child? Is they preparing her for an acting role? If so, this is a kind of abuse of the children. In fact, dozens of children were trained and taught to lie that day.
Another revealing view from on-high:
It's all fully staged, everyone must surely realize. What a grand fraud it is. Now, the perpetrators are doing all in their power to run cover for this, to keep driving the falsehoods of this scam forward--it is as if they fear that the whole world will find out that all that they report is lies.
Perhaps the greatest fraudsters of all are the so-called parents themselves. They are hiding behind the claim of a fatality of their children. Yet, this was a drill, as proven by this post and numerous others. That means the parents are lying. That means that all the money that has been collected on their families' behalf is also a fraud. Thus, all that is possible must be done to expose their lies and fraud, because it is these fake parents who are the essential component to the criminal plot that Sandy Hook represents.
Fraudster Rosen has now been thoroughly exposed. Time to expose the others.
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